Frequently Asked Questions
When should I ring to make my first appointment?

It is recommended you phone as soon as possible in early pregnancy to book in with Dr O’Neill to avoid disappointment.  You will be asked when your due date is on booking, so make sure you keep track of the first day of your last period so this can be calculated. Dr O’Neill does limit her deliveries per month, and you wouldn’t be able to book in if your due date happens to be  while she is on leave.  You will be advised of this when you call.

Do I need a referral to see Dr O’Neill?

You will require a referral from a GP in Australia to see Dr O’Neill, however your appointment can be made before this referral is acquired.  Dr O’Neill does not accept referrals from specialists, friends or family members.

What if I do not have a GP?

It is important to have a GP throughout your pregnancy, as Dr O’Neill does not usually manage non pregnancy related issues (e.g. colds, flu and gastroenteritis).  Please see your GP for these sort of issues and  your GP will contact Dr O’Neill if they feel she needs to be involved.

It is best to find a good GP in your area.  Remember that your GP will not only look after you but also your baby and any future babies.

Do I need to have an ultrasound before my first appointment?

There are some circumstances where it is recommended that you have an ultrasound before your appointment with Dr O’Neill.  These include uncertain dates, irregular menstrual cycle or history of miscarriage.  A referral from your GP is required to have this performed.

I do not live in Perth, will Dr O’Neill be happy to deliver my baby?

Women from all over WA see Dr O’Neill for delivery of their babies.  However, Dr O’Neill will need to see you for some of your antenatal care if  you are planning delivery with her. She recommends coinciding your first appointment with a major ultrasound in Perth (First Trimester Screening at 12 weeks gestation, or Anatomy Ultrasound at 19 weeks gestation).  After this appointment she can make a plan for shared care between your local GP and herself. The office staff can advise you on the most appropriate scheduling of appointments.

What should I do if I have any problems before my first appointment?

If you experience any problems before your first appointment these should be managed by your GP.  Your GP is welcome to call Dr O’Neill if they need advice.

You can also present at King Edward Memorial Hospital Emergency Department.